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WaheGuru and I

God is near me (or rather in me), and yet I may be far from God because I may be far from my own true self. C.E. Rolt

Our relationship with WaheGuru and our relationship with ourselves are interwoven. Sometimes we feel disconnected from ourselves or emotionally flat. It’s when we are not communicating with our inner, deeper selves. It’s very important to be honest with ourselves, open and true.

Account with WaheGuru

The world wonders when it sees a person draw large sums from the bank for some emergency. But what the world has not seen are the countless small sums paid into the bank, earned by faithful work over a long time. And so it is with the bank of the spirit. A person of faith makes a demand on God’s stores of power and the demand is met. We may not see that he has been putting in, in thanks and praise, in prayer and communion, in small good deeds done faithfully, steadily over the years.
I pray that I may keep making deposits in WaheGuru’s bank. I pray that in my hour of need, I may call upon these.

A Most Precious Gift

A Father's Gift

A Father's Gift

My father-in-law did this meditation in writing and left a treasure for all his kids, a notebook full of waheguru, waheguru, waheguru that he meticulously, lovingly wrote with his own hand. His request was that the children should read it at least once.
He was a main of a simple and strong faith, had a very successful career and business and left his children and my mother-in-law well provided for. I think this was one of the best gifts he left us.