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Japji Sahib: Vichaar by Sardar Jagmohan Singh Sahni

Japji Sahib – Mool Mantar

Japji Sahib – Pauri 01

Japji Sahib – Pauri 02

Japji Sahib – Pauri 03

Japji Sahib – Pauri 04

Japji Sahib – Pauri 05

Japji Sahib – Pauri 06-07

Japji Sahib – Pauri 8

Japji Sahib – Pauri 9

Japji Sahib – Pauri 10

Japji Sahib – Pauri 16

Japji Sahib – Pauri 17

Japji Sahib – Pauri 18-19

Japji Sahib – Pauri 20

Japji Sahib – Pauri 21

Japji Sahib – Pauri 22

Japji Sahib – Pauri 23

Japji Sahib – Pauri 24 A

Japji Sahib – Pauri 24 B

Japji Sahib – Pauri 25 A

Japji Sahib – Pauri 25 B

Japji Sahib – Pauri 26

A Most Precious Gift

A Father's Gift

A Father's Gift

My father-in-law did this meditation in writing and left a treasure for all his kids, a notebook full of waheguru, waheguru, waheguru that he meticulously, lovingly wrote with his own hand. His request was that the children should read it at least once.
He was a main of a simple and strong faith, had a very successful career and business and left his children and my mother-in-law well provided for. I think this was one of the best gifts he left us.

Worship, and Stay Attached to Him

Even brave and mighty men cannot withstand the powerful and
overwhelming army which the five passions have gathered.
The ten organs of sensation attach , even detached renunciates to sensory pleasures.
Those these make attached, ever seek sensual pleasures.
The world of the three dispositions is under their influence;
no one can stand against them.
How can the great illusion of Maya like the moat around be broken?
In the Perfect Guru’s (described) way ,
do Worship and break this awesome forceful collection.
Day and night live with HIM (God in mind), to attach with HIM.
- SGGS 522

WaheGuru Mantar

The mantram is most effective when we say it silently, in the mind, with as much concentration as possible. Saying the mantram aloud a few times can help you get started, and it is so rhythmical that it can be sung aloud. But we need not dwell on the tune and rhythm. Anything which takes attention away from the mantram itself, such as counting, or worrying about intonation, or connecting the mantram with physiological processes, only weakens the mantram’s effect.

The mantram is a force, and in order for this force to work, it must be working from deep inside. At first, we will be repeating the mantram only at the surface level of the mind. But if we repeat it with regularity and sustained enthusiasm, it will take root deep in our consciousness.
- Eknath Easwaran